Softlogic Information Technologies

Sri Lankan Airlines Limited


Launched in 1979, Sri Lanka’s National Carrier is an award-winning airline with a solid reputation for service, comfort, safety, reliability, and punctuality.

Business Challenge

Sri Lankan Airlines’ network infrastructure is extensive, complex and accessed by thousands of users on a daily basis. When an incident occurs, the security team has to unnecessarily spend a substantial amount of time and resources to manually detect threats which include DDoS, ransomware, brute force, and phishing attacks. Additionally, this manual detection process takes time and it is challenging to differentiate between real threats and false positives. This leads to delays in threat analysis and remediation, thus not being able to satisfy compliance regulations.


Introduction of McAfee Security Information & Event Management.
Introduction of Dark Trace Network Traffic & Behavioral Analysis Solution.


  • Enhanced and centralized visibility of the total network.
  • Detect advanced threats and respond to incidents effectively around the clock.