Softlogic Information Technologies

Ministry of Digital Infrastructure


The ministry is responsible for formulating and implementing national policy on telecommunication and digital infrastructure and other subjects which come under its purview.

Business Challenge

A total number of 70 schools under the ministry of education were selected to be equipped with a digital classroom solution as there were challenges faced by these schools. These challenges range from using technology effectively in the classrooms for teaching and learning purposes, accessing digital content, facilitating different types of learners such as visual, auditory & tactile. Further, the lack of equipment, tools & software will limit creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. The traditional classes are more teacher driven, which will lack focus on individual students where the students have no opportunity to explore new ideas.


Implementing a full-fledged Smart classroom per school which consists of Interactive Flat Panel Displays, UPS, Teacher Notebooks, Student Mini Notebooks, Charging Stations, Access Point & Collaboration Software.


  • Improves student-teacher interaction and communication
  • Real-time blended teaching and learning         
  • Gives students a better understanding of concepts
  • Introduces students and instructors to education technology
  • Improves visualization and creativity
  • Provides students a better in-classroom experience
  • Encourages e-learning and Virtual Classroom
  • Improves academic performance of students thereby enhancing their mental and physical development
  • Online web-based learning
  •  Students tend to learn at their own pace
  • Easy access to online resources
  • Follows Go Green Concept
  • Time saving technology
  • Increased productivity