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Infrastructure Modernization

Digital Transformation is sweeping around the globe and thereby it is unsurprising that businesses in Sri Lanka will look at utilizing digital technologies to innovate services, improve user experience and enhance operational efficiency. By assessing your current IT infrastructure, we create a “modernized digital roadmap” from “mouse to cloud” and design your new infrastructure with our technology specialists in driving human progress.

Using simplified solutions, architecture from Dell EMC Technologies, Huawei, Lenovo, Cisco, Microsoft and other carefully chosen global leading brands, we fine tune your business operations and assist your team embrace the new processes while strengthening the security and compliance. The end result is simplicity and cost efficiencies to capture value from your modernized IT Infrastructure!

Every transformation is different. The selection of End user devices is key for both data creation and data access needs. When we help companies renovate their IT infrastructures, we focus on specific areas—each one designed to improve performance, market competitiveness, and technical quality with the goal of making the environment more flexible, responsive, and business driven. Our range of world renowned EUC devices are carefully selected to match needs of businesses of any size. From Reliability, Manageability, Security and high-performance workloads the benefits of getting an IT infrastructure transformation right are huge.

New technology innovations are disrupting traditional businesses, and even entire industries. With explosive growth in mobile devices and social media, everyone is connected, all the time. For business, that means huge increases in the speed and volume of data you now have to handle and an expectation that you can provide access to that data anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile, as companies transition from physical to digital business models, they’re seeing very different growth rates, performance needs, and functional IT requirements than in the past. End-to-end transportation, and networking with a highly flexible option for modernizing your connectivity, and applications is the backbone of your business. We can offer your business specialized network communications to seamlessly keep you connected with minimal disruptions to your workflow. Cisco, Dell EMC, HPE, Aruba, Meraki, Huawei are our trusted partners to bring you the best data transportation solutions.

To keep pace with escalating business demands, organizations need an agile, service-oriented IT model for data centers that leverages both private and public clouds. As such, Organizations understand that they need to move forward rapidly on their journey toward a software-defined (SD) environment—or risk being left behind. The job of modernizing the data center requires the tight orchestration of a wide range of services, the more consistent the underlying infrastructure, the more seamlessly these services work together to deliver the benefits of cloud deployment. Softlogic Information technologies – the leader in SD solutions, together with its broad portfolio of virtualization and HCI products can help you modernize your data center by bringing together previously isolated infrastructure silos so you can manage them as a single entity and modernize the data center and build the foundation for cloud services in public clouds and edge environments.

Over the last several years, many companies in Sri Lanka have altered their IT strategies to shift an increasing share of their applications and data to public-cloud infrastructure and platforms. However, using the public cloud disrupts traditional cybersecurity models that many companies have built up over years. As a result, as companies make use of the public cloud, they need to evolve their cybersecurity practices dramatically in order to consume public-cloud services in a way that enables them both to protect critical data and to fully exploit the speed and agility that these services provide. We can help improve the security of your workflow systems by implementing modernized data protection plans to mitigate the cyber threats and incidents for today’s business. From end point security products to protecting data in the cloud, Softlogic information technologies have the expertise to provide a security strategy for your transformation needs.

Our Data Display engineers custom video, audio, lighting, and interactive solutions for companies who want to captivate and engage their customers. These display systems include professional smart LED monitors, Interactive screens, LED signage solutions (outdoor and indoor), video walls and self-serving kiosks. Coupled with relevant software that provides a rich ecosystem, it could be used for a wide range of applications in education, finance, government, hospitality, retail, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing and government.

Digital transformation is about finding new ways to use data to drive efficiency, business insights and improve revenue. Integrating data insights into a larger segment of the enterprise allow organizations to form a better view of the world and bringing awareness to new business challenges and opportunities. Our partnership with Whiteklay (a leading data analytics company in the world) provides these insights to organizations of any size to help build a foundation for more complex and richer data models, allowing businesses to identify connections between events, and the impact their choices have on business outcomes.

At Softlogic, we have the comprehensive portfolio of services to achieve more from your IT investments. We are committed to helping you remain agile to realize sustainable growth. From the edge, to the core, to the cloud – our industry experts offer strategic guidance and proven practical capabilities to help you accelerate in achieving the transformation objectives. We believe this is key to unlocking lasting success in today’s changing environment.

  • Consulting Services – From strategy to implementation and roll-out, Softlogic’s Pre-sales consultants can help you determine how to execute your digital transformation. We use proven approaches combined with the portfolio of products we have carefully chose to suit the Sri Lankan market and help you achieve real business outcomes. From IT transformation, workforce transformation, Infrastructure transformation, security transformations, analytics- we are here to help.

  • Deployment Services – Simplifying complexity and ensuring IT investments are quickly on-line. Leverage over 28 years of our experience and highly qualified and certified technical teams who are among the best in Asia pacific for efficient and reliable infrastructure deployment. Accelerate your adoption and ROI whilst we free your staff for more strategic work.

  • Support Services – Experience an array of service offerings that you can choose from to maximize productivity, uptime and convenience. Service offerings are available on 24×7 basis, 4-hour response, same business day response, next business day response.

  • Managed Services – Leave our experts to help optimize your IT operations and investments with managed services backed by guaranteed service levels, whilst, you focus on innovation and transformation. From fleet management, managed print services, help desk and other IT related services we could help to keep your technology environment operating at peak performance

  • Resident Services – Residency services help keep our expert resources on-site to drive effective IT transformation and keep the IT infrastructure running at its peak. Backed by Softlogic experts who are extensively trained and matched to each customer requirements through a rigorous selection process, provides the ideal flexibility to help customers adjust as their priorities change.

  • Education and Training – With some of our leading engineers in the country, build the IT skills required to influence the transformational outcomes of the business. Through the training and certification for real transformation, enable talent and empower teams with the right skills to lead and execute the transformational strategy that drives competitive advantage.